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Samples of Easter Crafts Included in My Collection Below
Easter Egg Crafts:
  1. Add A Few Porcelain Geese to Your Easter Eggs  
  2. How To Make Cascarones or Confetti Eggs
  3. How To Make Pysanky 
  4. Dye Easter Eggs With Onion Skins (pace-egg craft) 
  5. An Easter Egg Decorated With Candy Sprinkles 
  6. A Goose Egg Decorated With Antique Lace and Faux Pearls 
  7. Helpful Hints for Painting/Dyeing Easter Eggs 
  8. Paint Easter Eggs Like Comic Friends 
  9. Craft Eggshell Mosaic Easter Eggs 
  10. Decoupage Your Easter Eggs 
  11. Jewel Encrusted Easter Eggs 
  12. Trim flocked Easter eggs with rickrack 
  13. Cover Styrofoam Easter Eggs with Seeds and Beans 
  14. Bunny and Rooster Cross Stitch Patterns 
  15. Eggs Decorated with Embroidery Floss 
  16. A hatching chick picture 
  17. Craft an egg carton cross for Easter Sunday 
  18. Tiny Vignettes Inside Easter Eggs 
  19. Easter Eggs That Imitate Wedgwood Blue Earthenware 
  20. Velveteen Violets on a Vintage Easter Egg 
  21. How to decoupage a scene or picture onto an Easter egg 
  22. Craft an Empty Tomb Easter Egg 
  23. Craft Giant Easter Egg Art! 
  24. Clownish Egg Heads
 Crafts For Easter & Lent:
  1. Weave The Palm Cross
  2. Easter Carrot Napkin Rings
  3. When Planning the Easter Basket 
  4. Craft a Simple Butterfly Mask 
  5. Craft a Paper Mosaic of Jesus
  6. Color Alphabet Chicks
  7. Weave a miniature yarn Easter basket
  8. Old Testament Story Boards
  9. Craft a egg carton cross 
  10. Doodle an Easter bunny or chick
  11. Repeating Line Butterfly Design 
  12. A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket
  13. Paper Doily Baskets 
  14. Weave an Easter Basket Scene 
  15. Palm Sunday Crayon Resist Craft  
  16. Dunking Ducks 
  17. Love the Peep Wreath 
  18. "Handy" little butterflies
  19. A Mirror Duck Pond Makes a Picturesque Table Decoration 
  20. Fan Folded Palm Branches 
  21. Decorative Bird Box 
  22. Drawing Butterflies Through Five Progressive Steps 
  23. Craft Stained Glass Windows from Melted Crayons 
  24. Color a Celtic Resurrection Butterfly Cross  
Praise & Worship Crafts:
Noah's Ark Crafts:

      The egg has been a symbol of life in the Ukraine and other Slavic countries since ancient times. It was customary to give decorated eggs denoting stages of life in the spring. Colorful symbols representing nature and passed from mother to daughter enlivened the surfaces of eggs called pysanky.
      In this video Father Paul Luniw (St. Michael's Byzantine Catholic Church, Terryville, CT), will demonstrate the art of pysanky. Video by David DelPoio
Easter Food Celebrations in The Church:  The Egg Church *****
Delightful Easter Treats: Robin's Egg Macaroons * Easter Bunny Cookies ********
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 Easter Craft Links
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