Craft Projects for Easter

A few sample craft projects from my Easter collection below.
This selection of 93 Easter and Spring related crafts is for kids and kids-at-heart. Enjoy!
  1. Add A Few Porcelain Geese to Your Easter Eggs 
  2. How To Make Cascarones or Confetti Eggs
  3. Decorating The Old Welsh Family Cupboard for Easter
  4. How To Make Pysanky
  5. Dye Easter Eggs With Onion Skins (pace-egg craft) 
  6. Easter Animal Napkin Rings
  7. Assembling An Easter Egg Tree From Scratch
  8. Pin The Ears On The Rabbit
  9. An Easter Egg Decorated With Candy Sprinkles
  10. A Goose Egg Decorated With Antique Lace and Faux Pearls
  11. Tulip Table Settings for Easter and Spring 
  12. Helpful Hints for Painting/Dyeing Easter Eggs
  13. The Proper Care of Easter Plants
  14. Fan Folded Palm Branches
  15. Paint Easter Eggs Like Comic Friends
  16. Craft Eggshell Mosaic Easter Eggs 
  17. The Paschal Greetings Easter Egg
  18. Decorate Your Easter Table with A Zoo!
  19. Collecting Milk Glass and Jadeite for Easter
  20. 50 Eggsquiste Egg Cup Links 
  21. Decoupage Your Easter Eggs
  22. Jewel Encrusted Easter Eggs 
  23. Stencil Easter Rabbits Eating Clover 
  24. Swan Centerpieces or China Doves for the Easter table
  25. Trim flocked Easter eggs with rickrack
  26. Cover Styrofoam Easter Eggs with Seeds and Beans 
  27. Collecting Vintage Bunnies and Chicks
  28. Colored Chicks to Order, 1947 (Warning, don't attempt this on your own.)
  29. Eggs Decorated with Embroidery Floss
  30. Weave a Pine Needle Basket for a Unique Easter Keepsake  
  31. The Children's Easter Party
  32. A Pink Feather Tree decorated for Easter
  33. A hatching chick picture
  34. Craft an egg carton cross for Easter Sunday
  35. Tiny Vignettes Inside Easter Eggs
  36. Assembling Easter Baskets for Young Children 
  37. Easter Eggs That Imitate Wedgwood Blue Earthenware
  38. Velveteen Violets on a Vintage Easter Egg
  39. How to decoupage a scene or picture onto an Easter egg
  40. Craft an Empty Tomb Easter Egg 
  41. Craft Giant Easter Egg Art!
  42. Craft Noah's Art from Popsicle Sticks
  43. Easter Tin Pails Instead of Baskets
  44. Fawn cradled in an egg
  45. Clownish Egg Heads
  46. Weave The Palm Cross
  47. Color a Celtic Resurrection Butterfly Cross
  48. Craft Spring Carrot Napkin Rings
  49. Craft Noah's Ark with Animal Crackers
  50. When Planning the Easter Basket
  51. Craft a Tiny Spinning Ark
  52. Craft Your Own Sandblock Instruments
  53. Draw a mother hen and her chicks
  54. Craft stained glass windows from melted crayons
  55. Craft a Simple Butterfly Mask
  56. Color Alphabet Chicks
  57. Weave a miniature yarn Easter basket
  58. Easter bunny and rooster cross stitch patterns 
  59. Craft a Very Hungry Caterpillar
  60. Old Testament Story Boards
  61. Frogs, Toads and Pollywogs for Spring
  62. Craft a egg carton cross
  63. Positive and Negative Bunnies
  64. Doodle an Easter bunny or chick
  65. Repeating Line Butterfly Design
  66. The Living Butterfly
  67. Crochet Lace Baskets for Easter
  68. Craft Your Own Jingle Stick
  69. A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket
  70. Paper Doily Baskets
  71. Weave an Easter Basket Scene
  72. Needlepoint a Basket of Violets 
  73. Palm Sunday Crayon Resist Craft 
  74. Dunking Ducks
  75. Antique Patterns for Easter Eggs 
  76. "The Fruit of The Spirit" Easter Egg 
  77. Create a Butterfly Yarn Picture
  78. Craft a Paper Robin Toy for Spring
  79. Love the Peep Wreath
  80. "Handy" little butterflies
  81. A Mirror Duck Pond Makes a Picturesque Table Decoration
  82. Fan Folded Palm Branches
  83. Decorative Bird Box - design and finish
  84. Alternatives to Easter Baskets 
  85. Craft Basket Weave Rubbings for Easter Egg Pictures
  86. Baby's Easter Basket from 1894 
  87. Draw a Bunny Portrait
  88. Drawing Butterflies Through Five Progressive Steps
  89. Craft a Paper Mosaic of Jesus 
  90. Craft a Humpty-Dumpty Easter Egg
  91. Stuffing Easter Eggs 
  92. Craft Doily Butterflies 
  93. Craft a Bird In a Nest Box
All craft projects and photographs are the copyrighted property of kathy grimm 2017.

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