Thursday, March 28, 2013

Craft An Empty Tomb Easter Egg

      I crafted this empty tomb Easter egg with air dry clay, a half shaped, Styrofoam egg and paint.  The egg form also has a hollow interior and I will post a photo of what these look like just as soon as I can take a picture. 
      For those of you who may be a bit intimidated by shaping your own stones from clay, there are shallow molds for sale in craft and hobby shops for the very purpose of crafting stone walls. The results are so nice that the purchase of one of these is an excellent investment. 
      After pressing the air dry clay into a mold, (shown below) simply adhere the printed clay to the Styrofoam egg with tacky white glue. You will then need to continue working while your clay is still wet. Use a toothpick or a fork and work the clay surface a bit by pushing deeper crevices between the stones to create a more three-dimensional stone wall surface.

      I let my stone tomb egg dry over night then I painted it's interior with black acrylic paint. Next, I painted the exterior stones with shades of grey and pale browns. Being satisfied with my final results, I then pasted a cross shaped sticker to the interior of the egg shaped tomb and gave my entire Easter egg a coat of acrylic varnish.


  1. This is great! This empty tomb easter egg is absolutely one awesome idea. So perfect for Easter! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks Cynthia. What I love most about this Easter craft is that it illustrates the message of hope with the decorating of the egg at the same time.


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