Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Goose Egg Decorated With Antique Lace and Faux Pearls

Natalie cradles the lovely goose egg that won a $100. dollar
 gift certificate from Hearthsong when she was only four years old.
      When my oldest girl was very young, I crafted this lace covered goose egg to submit to a local drawing at a Hearthsong toy shop in our neighborhood. The grand prize for entering the Easter egg competition was a $100.00 dollar gift certificate. Each entry had to be submitted with a decorated egg for the store's egg tree that was displayed in their front window. I won the grand prize and my little girl received the most wonderful toys for her Easter basket and Christmas stocking that following year.
      The egg was very easy to make. I simply glued some antique lace to a very large goose egg and then added a strand of faux pearls to the top so that the egg could be hung. In time the store returned my submission and our family has displayed the egg at Easter every year since then.

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