Saturday, February 9, 2013

Paint Easter Eggs Like Comic Friends!

      This page about Easter eggs was published in The Day Book, April 21, 1916. The Day Book was an ad free, daily newspaper published by Edward Willis Scripps in the city of Chicago from 1911 to 1917.

Hey There Kids! Paint Easter Eggs Like Your Old Comic Friends!

      Here you are kids! All of your old friends celebrating Eastertide. Here's Ev. True looking cross and almost ready to have an outburst and break right through his shell. Here's the bear with a grin so wide it may meet in the back and divide his face right in two. You've heard of Easter bunnies but where did you ever hear of an Easter bear before?
      Now get busy, kids, and see how much like your old friends you can make your Easter eggs! 
  1. Tint the entire egg pink.
  2. Cut hat brims for the Ev. True and Tom Duff eggs out of cardboard, allowing enough space in the center of the brims so they will fit over the tops of the eggs. Paint the brims black.
  3. Rub the back of the paper on which the faces are printed with a soft pencil to make a sort of carbon paper, then trace the features on eggs.
  4. Paint the features on the eggs with ink. 
Easter Eggs Decorated With Comics, Superheros, Sci-Fi, And American Nostalgia:
  Easter Eggs Masquerade as Cartoon Characters: Easter eggs may be transformed into likenesses of cartoon and nursery-tale characters, with attractively colored cut-outs now available in book form. Each design provides both a base and a headpiece for a tinted egg, as shown, and the book contains materials for dressing up twenty eggs in different guises.

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