Monday, April 22, 2013

Craft a Paper Robin Toy for Spring

"Little Robin Redbreast Sat upon a rail:
 Niddle, naddle went his head:
 Wiggle waggle went his tail"
      Cut out the circle, Figure 1, and the robin, Figure 2. Cut slits along the heavy lines A and B, and D. D. Figure 1, Slide the robin's head from the back of Figure 1 through the slit A. his tail through slit B. Push the strip E, Figure 2, through slit D. D. Figure 1. Bring the short slit in the robin's breast, C. Figure 2, down over the Space C. below the slit A. Figure 1. Move the strip E. from side to side, and see the little bird try to get the grasshopper for his dinner, as he picks at it, moving his head and tail up and down, just like a real live robin. Figure 3 shows how Figure 1 and Figure 2 look when properly put together. You can recite the rhyme from Mother Goose just below the image above, as you play with the toy.

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