Thursday, February 21, 2013

Palm Sunday Crayon Resist Craft

      Crayon resist art projects are always popular for young people to make. This one is based upon a Palm Sunday theme. 
      Start with a large white piece of construction paper. Trace around your hands or the hands of your neighbor or a little of both using a purple magic marker. I've limited the color choices in this craft to purple and green, the most common color selection for that part of the Liturgical calendar. 
      After tracing many hands over lapping and waving in the air to reference the waving of palm branches, use bright purple crayons to color in bits and pieces of hand tracings in your abstract drawing. You may also choose to color some of the branches a variety of green shades; just don't color in all of the hand tracings. Leave some of the "palms" blank. 
      Now, carefully crumple the paper. If a bit of it tears have some masking tape on hand to repair little tears on the backside of the drawings. 
      Place the pictures on plastic or newspaper lined tables and proceed to give your students bowls of very watery green paint and large brushes. Have them brush washes of green or maybe even purple paint across the crayon resist pictures. You will end up with some lovely abstract palm paintings by the time you finish.

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