Thursday, February 11, 2016

Decorate Your Easter Table With a Zoo!

Mrs Marchand puts the finishing touches on a porcupine. 
On the table stand a finished ostrich and deer.

      Berthe Marchand used her ingenuity. Needing something original for the Easter table—something for the children to admire—she hit on the idea of making an entire zoo of animals, using colored Easter eggs and other odd bits of material easily obtained for a few cents at any stationer’s.
      Why don’t you do the same? It just takes patience, nimble fingers, and extreme care in handling the eggs— which can be dropped only once!

More Animal Shaped Easter Eggs:
Check out this wonderful channel called "Easter Eggs Live" 

More Fun Egg Video:
Far left, Making a porcupine. A paper-shell nut is inserted into a clay neck on an egg. Next, the peanut legs are being carefully affixed to the roughed-out figure. Head feet, and all parts of the body not covered by clay are painted. And last, after he's got his paper eyes and comb, "Porky" receives his quills.
The finished porcupine with toothpicks for quills.
Left, Mr. Penguin. Egg, peanuts, clay, felt toothpicks. Center, The giraffe
has neck and legs of red soda straws, of course. Right, The kangaroo,
above, has a yellow-painted-egg body, a cotton pouch, and peanut legs.
The swan, just above, is made of egg, cotton,
paper fringing, and colored pipe-cleaners.
Left, The ostrich--with egg body, pipe-cleaner legs and nick, ad a
ball -with-a-hole head. Right, The most fee-ro-cious lion ever made.
Walnut head and peanut feet.
How to make an Easter egg mouse.

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