Sunday, February 17, 2013

Positive and Negative Bunnies

      In this project, students will learn the difference between positive and negative space as well as the importance of color contrast or color compliments. The teacher may decide in advance which definitions of color combinations and/or principle of design he would like to emphasize during the course of discussion with his students. In either case, the method for the art assignment is the same. 
      The teacher will need to draw some classic Easter bunny templates to print, cut and duplicate in advance of the project. I often use summer months to cut and store multiple templates for kindergarten through second grade students to use in their art projects. Templates or stencils guide young inexperienced hands and also aid in the overall impression of a completed project. I do not use stencils for the majority of art projects that I teach. However, these do come in handy for this exercise. 
      If you are using this project idea for students in 3rd-5th grade, I strongly recommend that they be required to design, draw, and cut their own stencils. As with most art projects, teachers need to scaffold the method according to the abilities of their pupils. This is something that only the individual teacher may deduce given the environment and progress of students in their classrooms.

Bunny projects like this one could be used to teach concepts in cutting templates, manipulating stencils or in identifying color theory.
In addition to the ideas listed above, this kind of bunny stencil could be used to teach additional assignments in understanding symmetry in design.

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