Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cover Styrofoam Eggs with Seeds and Beans

      You can cover Styrofoam eggs with seeds and beans in an endless variety of patterns. The large Styrofoam egg pictured has a cross at one end and a yellow flower at it's other end. 
      It is important to use Styrofoam eggs for this craft so that you will be able to lightly press the seeds into the egg form as you glue these down.  This process will create a surface across the egg that is even and the seeds/beans will be firmly glued in place. Allow for a couple of days to complete your decorated egg. You will need to wait for sections of the egg to dry before completing others. Mod Podge the end product.

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  1. What a cute creation! I love this idea for Easter! So adorable!

  2. I also like to use SmoothFoam and Styrofoam eggs in some of my craft projects because children can handle them without breaking them. Sometimes it is good for an egg not to be fragile.


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