Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Decoupage a Picture On To An Easter Egg

Here is an obvious question. "How do you decoupage a picture or a scene onto an egg?" Obvious question, rarely answered. Above you see a sweet example of this from a manufacturer of Easter novelty.
Here is my version of the same process, only, I've used an elaborate patterned design.
This lovely pattern was taken from a fancy dinner napkin. You need to separate the layers. Only use the top one.
Measure the length of your egg and cut rectangular strip from the napkin or tissue paper to fit neatly around it. Now you will need to cut at regular intervals, slashes into your design. Notice how I do NOT cut all the way through the rectangle. I leave about an inch uncut. This uncut central part of the rectangle is the continuous, uninterrupted part of the design that wraps around the mid section of the egg. The larger your egg the wider this section will be. After cutting this napkin thus, apply Mod Podge to the surface of your egg and carefully paste down the napkin, starting first with the middle part of the design. The fringed parts of the napkin will overlap some but the design will be preserved for the most part.
After cutting and gluing this first piece of the napkin, I then cut out parts of the design that I thought the most attractive from left over napkins and pasted these on the top and bottom parts of my egg where the design did not cover. This is because I used very large eggs for this project and my napkins were quite small.
This is the wider, bottom half of my egg that needed additional decoupage to cover it completely.
In order for your eggs to look professional, you need to use very thin tissues for this project. This insures that the design will appear uninterrupted and hand painted. Also, I was very particular about the colors of eggs that I used for the design. Had I used dark blue or purple plastic eggs, this design would not be as attractive. The napkin is very thin and the colors will show through the glue and tissue, so be selective. This egg was yellow. The one below was pink.
Decoupage Easter Eggs:

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