Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dunking Ducks

      These little ducks are soaking wet but they love the rain! You will need to design, draw, and cut a few ducks from sturdy white poster board. Students may then trace a selection of wet ducks with a permanent (ink) orange markers; this type of pen will insure that the inks do not smear or run while the students are gluing things onto the image later. Teachers may choose to do this part of the process in advance for very young students. But do not do this for children age 6 and up. It is good for little people to manipulate art materials as much as possible if they do not need assistance. This promotes self-confidence and small motor coordination. 
      Next you will need to mix water with white glue in order to cover the surface of the poster board with a thin coat of watery, tacky, messy mixture. 
      Students may now lay down a variety of torn yellow and orange tissue papers on top of the duck shapes along with yellow and orange feathers, construction paper etc... Brush glue mixture on top of the tissues and feathers as these are layered into the glue mixture. It's perfectly alright for the tissues to get lumpy, and messy, just keep adding the tissues to build up the interesting surfaces.
      After the project dries over night, the teacher may add some additional duck beaks, wispy lines of rain and duck eyes to the picture for added effect. I used a black permanent ink marker for this. You can also cut the wet ducks out and add these to a large pond scene on a bulletin board. Let each student take a their wet duck home after the bulletin board is dismantled.

The wet duck before and after.
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