Friday, April 5, 2013

Craft Your Own Jingle Stick

      Jingle sticks can be made at home easily with very limited equipment. You will need a hammer, two sizes of long nails, bottle caps and some scrap wood. I used a long piece of cedar because it was what I had on hand. One of the nails you will need to use to make the holes in your bottle caps with. This nail should have a slightly larger dimension than those long nails you will use to permanently attach holding the bottle caps. 
      Hammer the holes with the larger nail into the metal caps and place a wooden scrape underneath the cap to give it support. Then you can through away this scrap wood and nail after you've completed the step. 
      Then you will need to rub down your stick with sandpaper and seal it with acrylic varnish. This procedure will insure that little ones will not get splinters from the instrument. After the varnish has dried overnight, hammer the long thinner nails through the holes in the bottle caps and into the wooden stick firmly. 
      Look closely at the picture above; note that the longer finish nails have wide heads. These prevent the caps from falling off the stick while it is shaken.

The Choir performing Ndyahimbisa mukama during the 20th Anniversary of the Choir in Vancouver in 2004 on stage in front of 2200 people.

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