Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby's Easter Basket from 1894

I found this tiny article for the making of an Easter basket for an infant in a newspaper from 1894. The idea is sweet, however, some of you may wish to update it a bit. Apparently, you can still purchase violet powder from The Williamsburg Marketplace.

A Charming Little Gift Which Unites Utility and Beauty.

      This is a delightful gift to the little one, combining as it does utility and beauty. Take a small basket and gild it. Make small rosettes of pink or blue baby ribbon and sew them around the edge and over the handle as shows. 
      Fill the basket with white swan's-down cotton and place the prepared eggs, one on either side.
      To prepare the eggs make small holes in the ends and expel the contents by blowing. When empty and dry fill with violet powder. Cover the ends with perforated white court-plaster. pasted on neatly, making the perforations with a shoe-punch.
      A powder puff tied to the handle adds to the effectiveness. The powder can be dusted on the tender flesh from the egg and "smoothed down" by means of the puff.

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