Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Mirror Duck Pond Makes a Picturesque Table Decoration

Build a miniature pond scene at the center of a children's
Easter table.
      Every trick and surprise of the table decoration is appreciated by children who possess special aptitude for absorbing every tiny detail; nothing seems to escape their scrutinizing attention. 
      A comparatively inexpensive idea is to place a table mirror, the larger the better, in the center of the table and fringe it with greens. Watercress makes an attractive border; so does smilax and asparagus or maiden-hair fern. At intervals station miniature artificial trees. In the center place little goslings, setting several among the greens. Fill a toy boat with wee chickens, out of consideration of their non-aquatic abilities. The chickens and goslings may be purchased for mere pocket change at a local toy shop.
      More realistic, of course, would be a wide, low dish, filled with water, having fuzzy yellow creatures floating upon the surface. Daffodils, crocuses or jonquils laid at intervals among the green would add a picturesque touch.

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