Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Living Butterfly

Paper butterfly pattern.
      Cut out the wings all around the outside black lines and fold them together at the dotted line A. Cut out both sections of the body and paste them together, with the exception of the legs and antennea, which are to be spread apart. Now slip the body between the wings at the white space. BB and bend the wings down at right angles to it at the dotted lines CC. The butterfly is now finished. To set it in motion hold it between the thumb and forefinger, as shown in the model, and pinch it gently, being sure to have the thumb and finger high enough under the wings so that they will be raised every time they are pinched and lowered when the pressure is relaxed. If you do this just right the butterfly will look like a little living creature poised for flight and an observer will be scarcely able to see what makes the wings go up and down. If you like to paste a thin piece of note paper on the wrong side of the wings to cover the printing and to color them on both sides. You will have a very pretty toy to add to your collection of cut-outs.

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