Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Craft a Humpty-Dumpty Easter Egg

      This Humpty-Dumpty Easter egg is much easier to make than he looks. I used a small face mold and a bit of Sculpey clay to make his face. Although, some of you who do not like to paint, could use a bit of flesh colored polymer clay instead. After unmolding the clay mask, I then pressed it onto a wooden egg with a generous amount of wood glue sandwiched between the clay and wooden surface. Then I baked the entire egg in an oven for only a few minutes at recommended temp. on the package. If I had to make the Humpty egg again, I would probably opt for air dry clay. 
      I then let the egg cool and glued on a simple white collar and a bow tie, after I painted the head in flesh colored paint and lower portion of the egg in blue to suggest his shirt.
      Humpty-Dumpty named after a famous nursery rhyme was actualy a relatively popular character to craft during the mid to later half of the 20th century during Easter and also for nurseries. I've included more examples of this funny egg fellow below. 
Above are examples of face molds from my vast collection.
More Humpty-Dumpty Eggs:

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