Easter For Children

Sample Easter coloring sheets from this collection.
 Vintage Easter Coloring Pages & Spring Themes:
  1. A Hat To Trim
  2. Color a Vintage Easter Basket 
  3. "He Is Risen!" Coloring Page
  4. Color these gentlemen purchasing Easter lilies 
  5. The Gentleman Bunny
  6. Color Where Easter Eggs Grow
  7. Consider the lilies...
  8. Frogs, Toads And Pollywogs for Spring 
  9. Roses on Her Easter Bonnet
  10. The shopping Easter rabbit
  11. An Egg-cellent Day for a Workout At The Gymn!
  12. Easter rabbit coloring page 
  13. Color The Scriptures: Psalm 41:4
  14. Color Easter Fashion from Berberich's
  15. Straw Easter Bonnet 
  16. Egg-cellent day for a dance on deck!
  17. Color Easter Fashions for Ladies from 1913
  18. The Last of Summer by Nell Brinkley 
  19. Color the Scriptures: Proverbs 15:3
  20. Get your egg-stra special edition! 
  21. Color the Scriptures: Matthew 6: 28-29 
  22. A Easter Surprise
  23. Color Charming Style for Eastertide 
  24. Coloring Tom, The Piper's Son
  25. Easter Egg Coloring Pages: vintage eggs 
  26. Color a vintage bunny, chicks, eggs and wheelbarrow
  27. Scripture Coloring Pages: Matthew 6:26
  28. March Hare Easter Eggs
  29. Coloring pages depicting men's fashions in 1907 
  30. The Easter Rabbits Gather
  31. Just Hatched for Easter!
  32. Scripture Coloring Pages: Luke 18:16-17
  33. Color The Scriptures: Exodus 20:12
  34. Three Blind Mice coloring page
  35. A Rare Rabbit Egg
  36. Futuristic Fashions Parade Easter Morning 
  37. Simple Simon coloring page
  38. A Lady Chick Dressed for Easter
  39. Hello Dolly
  40. Ogden's Fashionable Ladies
  41. Put on Your Walking Skirts... 
  42. Color The Scriptures from Proverbs 12:22
  43. Color The Scriptures from Proverbs 22:1 
Fun Paper Dolls to Color:
  1. A paper baby  to color and cut out
  2. A paper doll named Violet
  3. A paper doll named Rose
  4. A paper doll named Lily
  5. A paper doll named Hyacinth
Entertaining Puzzles for Children:
  1. A religious Easter crossword
  2. The hidden helper
  3. Unscramble the Easter words or phrases
  4. A missing farmer
  5. Little Boy Blue puzzle
  6. Easter Crossword Puzzle (this is a wordsearch)
  7. Tom, The piper's son
  8. Two Mother Goose rebus puzzles 
  9. Find two brothers
  10. The barking dog
  11. "Spring Millinery In Bloom" Word Search
  12. Three Wise Men of Gotham 
  13. 13 Names - Rebus
  14. Easter Chick Puzzle 
  15. Watchful parents
  16. Nursery Rhyme in Rebus Form
  17. The hidden frog
  18. Lost sheep and a calf
  19. Easter Day Word Scramble
Easter Funny Page or Cartoons:
  1.  The Latest News from Noah's Ark
  2. "Butterfly Farm" is the latest
  3. Peter Rabbit Takes Care of Children
  4. Humpty Dumpty's Easter Surprise
  5. "Twas Easter Day in Africa"
  6. Foxy Grandpa's Easter Joke
  7. Foxy Grandpa's Eater Hat
(The animated story of "The Legend of Three Trees")

Purchase or create educational materials for your children this Easter: Catholic Resurrection Eggs * Resurrection Egg Craft * Resurrection Eggs on Good Friday * Resurrection eggs from the "Real Housewife"* Don't have time to make your own? Purchase Resurrection Eggs Here *
Understanding the Passover Sedar by Marty Zide: Listen here, parents, to understand Easter traditions better.
Teaching Passover: Seder Plate Coloring Page * Messianic Haggadah * Passover Seder Dinner * Children's Bible Lesson: The Passover ***
Public Domain Easter Stories: These stories may be downloaded freely and printed by parents, teachers and clergy to teach young students about Easter: How The Rabbit Brought The Easter Eggs * The Third Nest * The Ugly Duckling * The Little Lamb Tract for your child's Easter basket! **********
How to explain Easter to children: Do Your Children Understand Easter? * Easter - Children's Ministry * Bible Story - The Story of Easter by Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards * Religious Easter Stories * Easter Sunday School Lesson Plans * A Guide to Lent and Easter for Young People * A very special Easter *
The following books are excellent resources for reading aloud to young children. Within these pages is biblical wisdom that has been handed down through hundreds of generations of believers in Christ Jesus.
More popular books that have messages in them that speak to ethics, morality and simple acts of kindness to ones family and neighbors.
Books that are rich in folk lore and humor that can be enjoyed by both adults and their children during the season of lent.
Poetry books for your child's Easter basket:
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