Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Boy Who Knew God's Word

      This Bible story page is free for teachers, ministers and parents to print and handout to children anywhere, in any quantity, for any purpose no matter where they live in the world.

      Timothy was taught to honor and understand God's word by the female members of his family. He was ready to serve God when he was called to do so. The story of Timothy is about understanding the importance of a reliable character. Timothy demonstrates to others that living for God, by His word, is even more important than whether or not people know you for some other impressive reputation. We don't really know what Timothy liked to do in his spare time, whether or not he was artistically talented or athletic or even if he was some official's son. But his character was such that God made sure he would be remembered by the church by including him in Paul's life and the life of the church.
       Much of our identity as Christians is hidden in Jesus. We pass through the world without much fanfare, attending to the daily necessities of those around us, wondering if any person ever even notices who we are or what we do. Timothy had a very similar life as far as we know; he did suffer persecution and he did persevere with Paul's ministry when so many turned on the apostle. Timothy's loyalty to the church was unbending.

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