Saturday, March 9, 2013

David and Jonathan

      This age appropriate reading material was developed by teachers for the purpose of introducing the Bible to the very young. The stories under this category at Easter Egg Crafts have been simplified and a singular moral or ethic is introduced to children in the reading of the story aloud as was and still is an educational practice in most Christian congregations today. Certainly the stories are far more complicated in the scriptures than what you will read here. But you must remember that these were written for very young students ages five to eight. (age. 5-8) The materials are free for teachers, ministers and parents to print and handout to children anywhere, in any quantity, for any purpose no matter where they live in the world. 

      The story of David and Jonathan is an example of extreme loyalty in the scriptures. Jonathan, a prince and the son of Saul, is not only loyal to his good friend David, the next chosen King of Israel but also demonstrates extreme devotion to God. He is willing to give up his own title in order to maintain the will of God through the appointment of someone who will eventually take his inheritance of a throne. Jonathan gives up his crown, his own father's approval and his life in order to live according to God's will. This story is from 1 Samuel, chapter 20.
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