Vintage Easter Clip Art

Samples of Easter clip art from the collection below.
The Easter clip art is posted here for your personal craft projects and/or ministry. Please read the Terms of Use and agree to it before downloading and printing restored or original graphics/illustrations  by Kathy Grimm.
  1. Angelic Easter Blessings
  2. Bunnies In A Basket
  3. Graphic of Easter Chicks With Hats 
  4. Illustrated Scripture from Isaiah
  5. Easter hares painting eggs
  6. A little Easter still life graphic
  7. Easter Cross With Angelic Graphic 
  8. Chicks Ahoy!
  9. Harnessed Easter Chicks
  10. Easter Bunny Cautious Driver?
  11. Large Rabbits Eating Turnips 
  12. Easter pet bunnies
  13. Antique looking lilies
  14. The Egg Painter
  15. An Easter egg with pansies 
  16. Easter daffodils
  17. Bunny Delivers Easter Basket
  18. Illustrated scripture for Easter 
  19. Rabbit Eating Lettuce
  20. Easter Eggs and Pussy Willow
  21. Pussy Willow In an Easter Basket
  22. Egg Hunt at The Church Graphics 
  23. Clip Art of The Crucifixion
  24. Pink Easter Forget-Me-Nots
  25. "Have a Joyful Easter"
  26. Easter Chick Serenade 
  27. Easter lilies in the sanctuary
  28. Easter lilies and the cross
  29. Black and White Rabbits
  30. Easter Egg Greetings! 
  31. A basket of violets
  32. The Tinted Easter Egg
  33. Ukrainian Postcard for Easter
  34. Easter Greeting Card
  35. Daisies and Eggs for Easter
  36. Cartoon Easter Egg
  37. Affectionate Bunny
  38. Pink Floral Easter Egg 
  39. Easter greetings with delicate yellow flowers
  40. The Big Hatch
  41. Easter Chicks and Lucky Clover 
  42. Easter Chick and Tulips Gift Tag
  43. Pastel Bunny Graphics
  44. Chick Balancing Act
  45. Easter Blessings
  46. Old-Fashioned Egg Hunt
  47. Easter Chick & Forget-Me-Nots
  48. Joyful Easter
  49. The Egg Painter
  50. Vintage Butterfly Clip Art
Vintage Childhood:
  1. Petting the pony
  2. Peek-a-boo
  3. Reading together  
  4. Playing the flute
  5. Riding the donkeys  
  6. Victorian children play on the beach
  7. Feeding the pugs 
  8. Lunch with pets
  9. Tossing out seed for the birds
  10. Bedtime prayers
  11. Hanging up the laundry 
  12. The Easter Choir
Digital, Printable Papers:
  1. Jack & Jill Sheet Music
  2. Palms for Sale, Only 25 Cents Each!
  3. "The Butterfly's Ball" sheet music
  4. The Quality of Imagination 
  5. Stein-Block Smart Easter Clothes
  6. "Raise Every Voice" sheet music
  7. Easter Ready-to-Wear
  8. The Correct Easter Modes 
  9. Vintage Velveteen Book End Paper 
  10. Vintage Easter Basket End Paper
  11. Book end paper by Walter Crane  
  12. "Field of Flowers" digital paper 
  13. Vintage Digital Papers in Shades of Green

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