Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tinted Easter Egg

Description of Illustration: text reads,  "I am the tinted Easter egg, at whose bespangled shell you peg with careful stroke of knife or spoon, regarding me as quite a boon. And as I feel your lusty stroke I chuckle gaily at the joke, for you I know are in the mesh of placards worded “Strictly Fresh.” You trust the crafty grocer man who sells his eggs just as he can and never is the least afraid to claim that they are “Newly Laid.” The grocer man, he puts his trust in men who are not wholly just, for they sell eggs the whole year round and often in deceit are found, because they keep the eggs on ice until there is a raise in price. However, I would advise that you should turn your happy eyes upon the tintings of my shell—the hues are laid on so well; the dreamy pinks and reds and blues with which the dye my form embues; or possibly I may present designs that for true art are meant – a landscape or an ocean scene wherein there are faint hints of green, or maybe, limned with dainty grace there is a most bewitching face that smiles into your joyous eyes which shows the sparkle of surprise. Do as you please, but it is best to act perhaps, as I suggest. Put down your knife with which you aim to crush my most aristic frame, simply feast you inner man upon the pictures that you scan.  For all you see and all you know’ for all my cunning pictures show I may be of the overflow of Eastertime a year ago.  Old masters may have painted me in some forgotten century and left me in some cherished hoard some ware house where fresh eggs are stored and it might fill you with regret if you should heed me not and let your appetite for works of art gain headway o’er your mind and heart. O, listen, listen, let me beg I am a simple Easter egg, bedaubed with paint and drowned in dyes, but let me beg of you: Be wise! How often do we weep to see things not what they’re cracked up to be! Remember, I have made no claims I leave the dealers all such games; I may be but a cheat and sham, but I am only what I am. Think over what I say, think twice; all men may profit by advice. If you should crack me to your woe, remember that I told you so. Now all my little speech is done. Strike! Strike, but first prepare to run!", text in shape of an Easter egg

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