Terms Of Use

Specific Terms of Use for Printing Hard Copy And Web Applications
      The clip art on this blog is free to use only if you use it within particular boundaries. What this means is that graphics here may be used freely by Christian  non-for-profit organizations, Catholic or Protestant, Baptist or Reformed, Independent or Messianic, Jewish, etc.. under certain conditions. Freeware does not mean absolutely free, I have listed the explicit circumstances in which the graphics may be used below.
      In addition to ministry related professions, public school teachers may also use resources provided here in their classrooms provided they do not misrepresent it's origins or authors. There are no restrictions of use concerning the number of copies printed for school children in any country.  Be cautious, however, in the uploading of the materials to public websites. This is considered "republishing" and does break copyright law for those resources that are generated by Kathy Grimm in specific. Always link back to this blog in order to reference materials and also to download materials for school assignments etc... if you are not certain of the articles or resources origins. This site complies to those correct copyright standards maintained for the benefit of all educators.

A list of good uses are:
1. church newsletters electronic or hardcopy
3. church or Christian school related e-mail
4. church bulletins electronic or hardcopy
5. advertising of Christian events (No tee shirts, please.)
6. worksheets for Christian schools and Sunday schools
7. VBS, Vacation Bible School
8. power point and slide shows developed by certified teachers, pastors, priests, and church staff
9. Christian school yearbook graphics
10. church or Christian school letterhead and stationary
11. personal craft projects for gift giving (non-profit)
12. Web masters and authors may use graphics to promote the Gospel of Jesus within the context of an article online and should also share a common belief in The Apostles Creed with us. Return a link to the gallery, please. (No redistribution of graphics as an online collection!)
13. Homeschoolers teaching and crafting with kids for educational use and personal art projects.

Unethical and Illegal Use?
      Do not use the clip art for publications that promote hate speech, pornography, gambling, or any other unlawful activities. It is unethical to republish content in order to drive traffic onto pages that promote criminal activity. Graphics, worksheets, coloring pages, craft resource etc... are here for ministry, education and private home use only. All original and/or derivative works are copyrighted by the Kathy Rice Grimm. Do not burn her graphics to a CD collection for resale or include them in any other online collection of clip art. These can only be used for Christian/Messianic ministries promoting activities that positively teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Churches, pastors, priests, rabbi  and Christian media may super-impose a logo, quotes, scripture, or name of it’s ministry on top of the graphics to create a unique identity for these visual aids. However, this does not mean that the graphic will belong to the person or persons altering it, graphics should never be redistributed as free clip art from other resources unless special permissions are granted in writing. And guess what, we will never grant permission for it’s distribution from those web pages promoting criminal activities. If our patrons should ever see these graphics or read our articles on those pages that promote the trafficking of slaves, pornography, gambling, or the promotion of ‘hate’ speech please inform our staff immediately! If you are in Christian or Messianic ministry and believe in the Apostles Creed, then you are perfectly welcome to use the graphics distributed here; it is not necessary for you to either attend or promote my denomination in specific. All believers in Jesus as Messiah agree to the basic principles and literal interpretations of the apostles creed.
      Do not hotlink to the images. These graphics are designed primarily for publishing projects, and arts/crafts. If you are in ministry on the web and would like to include an image within the context of an article, write me and ask. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft! It is illegal to hotlink to a copyrighted image. Use the reblog software, you do not need to commit bandwidth theft, people, in order to use content.
      For further inquiry or special permissions you may write the staff at pickandprintgallery@yahoo.com
May I reblog what I find here? Yes, only by using the reblog buttons located under each post. Blogger now has a software especially designed for this task. It is the proper way to reblog without running into copyright issues. Use it folks and be covered!

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