Friday, March 18, 2016

Ring Loud, O Easter Bells!

Ringloud, O bells of Easter, your peals through spaces ring;
With joy the fair earth greets you through all the notes of spring.
Ring in all peace and gladness, ring out all strife and tears,
As downward through the ages you've rung the passing years.

Ring clear, O bells, your message throughout all nature thrills;
It all things living touches, as when from Judah's hills
There rose the light triumphant o'er death and mortal fears,
And dawned that first great Easter-the Easter of the years.

Ring sweet, O bells, your lesson unto each heart to-day;
That all before the Master may but life's lilies lay;
Ring soft-ring low; your chiming may bridge some past- its tears,
For those, perchance, who mourneth some Easter in the years.

Again, O bells of Easter, ring out in thrilling peal,
That we, through all our pulses the newborn glory feel;
God's living, loving presence, as each new spring appears
In all that breathes around us, throughout the march of years.
by Beatrice Harlowe

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