Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cluckity's Children

Lay and egg every day and then go to bed,
Barefoot, barefoot, barefoot!”

      That was the song that Cluckity sang for weeks and weeks, and all, as it seemed to her, to no purpose. As fast as she laid an egg it was taken away from her, and she was left to brood hopelessly over a comfortless chalk egg.
      Poor Cluckity!
      But all things come to one who can wait. One April morning Cluckity was placed on a nest of fresh clean straw in which were nestled thirteen fair white eggs. Food and drink were placed near her, and Cluckity knew that her business for the next three weeks was to keep those eggs warm.
      What a time that was for thinking. Nothing to do, but think.
      Well, the eggs hatched; and what a proud mother was Cluckity. “Chip! chip! cheep!” There never was such music! Then she had to scratch very hard for a living. Life began to grow earnest. One day Cluckity saw a huge cat prowling around. She was anxious. She called to her chicks. But one of them did not run with the rest. He twirled saucily on his yellow leg, and said he could take care of himself. Ah! The cat took care of him! Pert little Peep never slept under his mother’s wing again.

This is from a reader for 1rst and 2nd graders. It is unusual in that it primarily focuses on conversation. Teachers may use the materials freely in the development of lesson plans.

Stories And Pictures Of Domestic Animals By  Anna F. Burnham Boston: D. Lothrop & Co., Publishers, 30 And 32 Franklin Street copyright, 1879

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