Thursday, March 14, 2013

How You Wear Hat Key To Character?

Read a person's character by how they were their hat.
       Character reading by hats is a new and interesting pastime.
      The girl or woman who wears her hat firmly and squarely is called the girl or woman who has determination and ability to do things and does them.
      The girl with a flabby hat set so it seems ready to blow off any minute is said to be of the butterfly variety, without aim or ambition. Hat at a dangerous angle means the wearer is liable to be fickle and to like flattery.
      She with the bonnet tilted back on her heard, according to fans in character reading by hats, is prone to self-indulgence.
      Then there is the secretive kind, hiding her eyes behind a curtain and pulling her hat down to her eyebrows.
       The girl who is continually rearranging her hat and primping her hair may have a fitful mind.

note: Now that we no longer wear hats often, people can never tell what our personalities are like by just looking at us.

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