Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anna's Easter Dream by Louise Cooper

When little Anna went to sleep
Upon the eve of Easter day
She dreamed of candied eggs a heap
And frisky, brisky lambs at play.
Plump Humpty Dumpty, with a bow,
Stood smiling on the counterpane,
And Ducky Daddles, wondering how,
Was at the foot just to explain.
Three baby ducks in noisy play,
Who never thought to pardon beg.
Cried "Quack, quack, quack for Easter day!"
And then tobogganed down an egg.
A rooster and a hen on nest
Exclaimed, "Please put us in the rhyme,
for we are doing our level best
In working up the Easter time!"
five bunnies, each with eyes of pink
And ears so long they flapped like wings,
Said, "We are not considered bad.
And, don't forget, we're little too."
five sparrows, proud of their wee size--
They never grow too broad or tall--
Chirped, "We should surely win a prize,
for we are littlest of them all."
Two tiny men from Titakum,
With good strong arm and sturdy leg,
Held steady as a block o fgum
A large and glowing rainbow egg:
There, standing on it like a queen.
With rosy lips and roguish eye.
In pink and gold and bronze and green,
The girly, curly butterfly.

by Louise Cooper

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