Wednesday, February 27, 2013


By Regina Watson

Oh! Nursery Town is a beautiful place,
It lies in the middle of Motherlove land,
And the sun shining there is Mother's own face,
And Nursie's the lady who's left in command.

Now, some of the places in Nursery Town
Are Babyhouse corner and Whitewood Farm
With its sheep, and shepherd all dressed in his gown,
And wee wooly dog to protect us from harm.

In Picturebook Row there live Little Boy Blue, 
And Jack and his sister, who tumbled down hill;
The funny old woman, whose home was a shoe,
And the other old woman who never was still.

There's Building Block street, and the tin soldiers' camp,
And Rockinghorse station near Chiffonier alley;
And Windowsill walk, where the soldier boys tramp,
And Paper Doll lane by the Woodbasket valley. 

The cabinet hospital stands there, too;
With its poor little patients all sick in their beds;
And gentle Nurse Needle and good Doctor Glue
To sew up their arms or to stick on their heads.

Aground, high and dry, is a beautiful ark,
With brave Mister Noah and those of his crew;
And all the animals live on his bark;
From Piggie the Pink to a gray kangaroo.

There are two little boats in this Nursery Town,
Moored close by the ferry of Going To Sleep;
And a pillow aboard for each fair curly crown
Of the two little sailors who into them creep.

At Round Table Tavern, the spot where they're fed,
They stop off for supper and breakfast for two;
Potatoes or hominy, butter and bread,
Or eggs, toast and milk and a cracker may do.

A wonderland sweet is Nursery Town!
So gay is the play there thee whole of the day;
You take a step up, and then take a step down,
And walk till you find it--it's not far away.

I hate hominy.

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