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"The Rejected Christ" by Goetze

At the exhibition of the Royal Academy, in London, the great canvas by Sigismund Goetze, entitled “Despised and Rejected of Men,” (right) has created an artistic sensation. It is declared to be a “powerful and terribly realistic presentment of Christ.” in a modern setting, and is described by a writer in The Christian Commonwealth (London), as follows: 

In the center of the canvas is the Christ, standing on a pedestal, bound with ropes, while on either side passes the heedless crowd. A prominent figure is a richly vested priest, proudly conscious of the perfection of the ritual with which he is starving his higher life. Over the shoulder of the priest looks a stern-faced divine of a very different type. Bible in hand, he turns to look at the gospel has missed its spirit,and is as far astray as the priest whose ceremonial is to him anathema. The startled look on the face of the hospital nurse in the foreground is very realistic; so is the absorption of the man of science, so intent on the contents of his test-tube that he had not a glance for the Christ at his side. One of the most striking figures is that of the thoughtless beauty hurring from one scene of pleasure to another; and spurning the sweet-faced little ragged child who is offering a bunch of violets. In rejecting the plea of the child who knows that the proud woman is rejecting the Christ who has identified himself forever with the least of these little ones. The only person in the whole picture who has found time to pause is the mother seated on the steps of the pedestal with her baby in her arms, and we can not but feel that when she has ministered to the wants of her child she will spare a moment for the lover of little children who is so close to her. In the background stands an angel with bowed head, holding the cup which the world He loved to the death is still compelling the Christ to drink, while a cloud of angel faces look down upon the scene with wonder. As the visitor turns away he is haunted with the music of Stainer’s “Crucifixion,” “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?”

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Every Praise, Every Word of Worship is To Our God!

Published on Oct 17, 2013
Hezekiah Walker New Video "Every Praise"

      Something happened two thousand and 40 years ago in the gray light of the first Easter morning which transformed and transfigured the face of the earth. History began again. The world's heart beat with new and gladder thrill. Henceforth and forever, beneath the all-beholding sun, there is nothing which is "too good to be true." It has not entered into the heart of man to conceive a good which is better than the reality of things. But we are afraid of imagination. It is a vain thing, and must be yoked to a servile mass of matter lest it soar upward and outward, into the blue sky, above the mountain tops, toward the glorious sun, and lose itself in the eternal truth of God!
      O brother-man or sister-woman, are you afraid of your own prayers? He is God. He is the Father-God, the Mother-God, the God of the buttercups and daisies, of sunshine and spring, the God who cares for the sparrows and clothes the lilies, who spreads out the heavens as a curtain and calls all the stars by name, who longs for you as the child of his heart, and loves you with an everlasting love, so that sin and death cannot separate you from the might of His affection nor quench His hope in you. Morning light shames our midnight fears. And the shame is that in the darkness you were not sure of the coming dawn. You ought to have known that after midnight comes the morning; in the blackest night of the year you ought to have kept God's sunshine in your soul. Angels have rolled the stone away from the grave of your ascending Lord. Clouds turn to solid rock beneath your feet. And Christ is risen indeed. --Rev. C. F. Aked

Palms for Sale, Only 25 Cents Each!

This beautiful palm leaf advertizement is from 1908. Palms are on a sensational sale for only 25 cents each by Kramer.

The Easter Sermon of The Flowers

Spring flowers in Central Park at Easter time.

by Peter McArthur.

The Easter sermon of the flowers
Is best of all to know.
They hear the preaching of the showers
That speak the one word "Grow!"
They waited for that glad command
Through wintry storm and strife,
And now throughout the rousing 
They stir and wake to life.

I, too, have watched and waited
for I was fain to learn
The word that wakes the birds to song
When life and joy return.
I, too, must grow and feel my heart
O'erflow with prayer and praise:
With birds and flowers must take my
And hymn the Easter days.

50 Eggsquiste Egg Cup Links!

examples of egg cups
      An egg cup, sometimes called egg server, is a container used for serving boiled eggs within their shell. Egg cups have an upwardly concave portion to hold the egg and often include a base to raise the egg retaining portion and give stability, informally known as footies. Egg cups can be made of Porcelain, pottery, wood, plastic, glass and various metals or bakelite. Some are made of two materials (wood and ceramic).
      The Egg cup is a collectible item. There is a newsletter available through email for egg cup collectors "Eggcup Collectors' Corner". There are also egg cup conventions for collectors in England. Collecting egg cups is called Pocillovy, deriving from the Latin pocillum for small cup and ovi for eggs.
      Egg cups have been used since prehistoric times, with some of the earliest occurrences on Minoan Crete. In particular, archaeological recovery at the Bronze Age palace of Cretan Knossos reveals the presence of egg cup use as early as the 18th century BC.
      Egg cups have many shapes and bear various designs. An early silver egg cup from 74 BC was even found in the ruins of Pompeii!

50 Egg Cup Links:
Egg Cups Made From Egg Cartons
  1. Pink and gold spring egg cups
  2. A lady bug and a white hen egg cup: made from recycled egg cartons
  3. Easter bunny and chick egg cups
Vintage & Collectable Egg Cups:
  1. Handpainted family of egg cups 
  2. Collecting egg cups
  3. The latest collectable egg cups at TheFind
  4. Vintage egg cups up for bid at Ruby Lane  and video here
  5. egg cup pinboard by Rebecca Brown
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  7. The Collectors: Egg Cups
  8. Easter Presents: vintage egg cups
  9. Egg cups and more
  10. egg cups
  11. An egg cup a day (Spanish)
  12. 8 Charming Egg Cups
  13. vintage egg cups and cozys pinboard by Merrellene Brimhall
  14. pocillovy pinboard by Julie Nielsen
Egg Cups Fashioned From Paper:
  1. Paper Easter grass with yellow flowers
  2. Origami tutorial - flower egg cup
  3. faceted paper egg cups DIY
  4. Adorable Easter Egg Stands!
  5. chick, egg and bunny egg sleeves (Spanish)
  6. traditional chick and bunny cups
  7. Crepe Easter Egg Cups
  8. paper cup egg baskets
  9. paper mother hen egg holder
  10. printable bunny cup by Shirley Ng-Benitez
  11. printable bunny egg cups from Activity Village
  12. Vintage Easter Egg Cups
Egg Cups Made With Clay:
  1.  Clay egg cups shaped as animals
  2. 4th Grade Egg Cup Craft
  3. Sculpey bunny egg cups
  4. egg cup made with Liquid Sculpey
  5. salt clay egg cup
Wooden Egg Cups:
  1. Wood turning - an egg cup 
  2. Another example of wood turning an egg cup
  3. A Victorian sample of a elaborately carved coquilla nut egg cup
Edible Egg Cups and Eggs Served in Cups:
  1. An egg tucked inside a tomato 
  2. A Paleo Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Ham Cups  
  3. Bacon Egg Cups Recipe
  4. Bacon and Egg Cups
  5. Baked Eggs in Avocado Cups Recipe
  6. chocolate egg cup tutorial
  7. How to use an egg cup
  8. How to make boiled egg and soldiers 
 Crafts Made From Egg Cups:
  1. Vintage Egg Cup Pincushion 
  2. Egg Cups: the pretty dozen  
  3. Easter Chick Egg Carton Cup Craft 
  4. DIY: Mini Party Cup Chick and Bunny Craft 
  5. Egg Carton Bumble Bee Craft 
  6. Egg Cup Ships 

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