Easter Poems

       THE poems here collected have been written, nearly all of them, at the Season they celebrate, in successive years. Some of them were written more than 150 years ago. The "Paschal New-Moon," if I recollect, is the oldest of the series.
       All that it may be desirable to say as introductory to this book will be found in the Notes. I beg my kind reader to consult them, on points that may require Scripture citations and other references for the elucidation of the text. If any of the poems are worth reading at all, they will be found worth reading more than once, in connection with the Church Lessons of the Season.
       The Paschal-Season, as here understood, extends from the appearance of the Paschal New-Moon to the octave of Pentecost, or Trinity Sunday. How sublimely the Christian poet has said

"As through a zodiac moves the ritual year
Of Holy Church : stupendous mysteries,
Which whoso travels in her bosom eyes,
As he approaches them, with solemn cheer."

       This collection is designed to open some of those "stupendous mysteries," especially to minds just beginning to know and love the Church's system, and to feel the attractions of her holy methods for imparting a knowledge of the Scriptures, and of those "truths that wake to perish never." I pray God that all who accept my guidance in these Scriptural Meditations may be helped by it toward that Heavenly City which the glory of the Lord doth lighten, and " the Lamb is the light thereof." A. C. Coxe 

       The following poems may be used in Sunday bulletins, newsletters and e-mail. These also make lovely additions to Easter cards sent to loved ones through the snail mail. All poems included in this particular anthology are in the public domain. If they are illustrated, these jpgs. and pngs. are restored by Kathy Grimm and are a part of a large collection of derivative works. (Read Terms of Use)
Holiday Easter Poems:
  1. From The Cross to The Crown by George Byng 
  2. Proem - dedicated to Mary and Elizabeth, In Paradise
  3. Heart's Flower by Marion Mosbie
  4. The Paschal New-Moon - very old poem
  5. Lenten Thoughts  by Elisabeth R. Scovil
  6. Resurgam, the Latin for "I shall rise again" by Elizabeth Ruggles
  7. He Will Arise! by John Keble
  8. The Easter Guest by Mary Lowe Dickinson 
  9. An Easter Offering by Ada Stewart Shelton
  10. The Lord Is Risen Indeed  by Cora Dolson
  11. He Is Arisen by Unknown Author
  12. Shine On, Most Glorious Light by Kenyon West
  13. Easter Day by Sara Henderson Smith
  14. The Savior Rose To-day by Margherita Arlina Hamm
  15. Easter Song  by Louisa Parsons Hopkins
  16. With Palm Branches by Lucy Larcom
  17. Thine Easter Day by Mary Lowe Dickinson
  18. He Is Risen by Louisa Parsons Hopkins
  19. Ring Loud, O Easter Bells!  by Beatrice Harlowe
  20. Easter Morning... by Unknown Author
  21. Easter Sermon of The Flowers by Peter McArthur
  22. Ring, Happy Bells! by Lucy Larcom
  23. Return of Spring by Piere Ronsard
  24. One Easter Lily's Mission by Ada Stewart Shelton
  25. To Violets  by Robbert Herrick
  26. The Boy and The Angel by Robert Browning 
  27. An Easter Song by Susan Coolidge 
  28. Easter-Tide by Mary Lowe Dickinson
  29. The Crescent And The Cross by Thomas Bailey Aldrich 
  30. Easter-Tide by Mary Lowe Dickinson 
  31. Dawn by F. P. Carrigan 
  32. Easter Day by May Riley Smith
  33. The Basket of The Day by Priscilla Leonard 
  34. Easter by A. Irvine Innes 
  35. Easter by Richard Watson Gilder 
Children's Easter Poems:
  1. Anna's Easter Dream  by Louise Cooper
  2. Nurserytown by Regina Watson
  3. Robber Baby by Elizabeth Kirkman
  4. The Wind  by Maud M. Johnson
  5. The March Hare and The Easter Rabbit by Helen S. Daley
  6. An Easter Bunny Sale by Susan Hunter Walker
  7. The Gardener by Lucy Fitch Perkins
  8. Grandmother's Garden by Joel Benton
  9. Garden Rivals by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay
  10. Where Easter Eggs Grow by Harriet B. Sterling 

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