The following poems may be used in Sunday bulletins, newsletters and e-mail. These also make lovely additions to Easter cards sent to loved ones through the snail mail. All poems included in this particular anthology are in the public domain. If they are illustrated, these jpgs. and pngs. are restored by Kathy Grimm and are a part of a large collection of derivative works. (Read Terms of Use)
  1. From The Cross to The Crown
  2. Lenten Thoughts  by Elisabeth R. Scovil
  3. Resurgam, the Latin for "I shall rise again"
  4. He Will Arise!
  5. The Lord Is Risen Indeed  by Cora Dolson
  6. He Is Arisen
  7. Shine On, Most Glorious Light
  8. The Savior Rose To-day
  9. Ring Loud, O Easter Bells!
  10. Easter Morning...
  11. Easter Sermon of The Flowers
  12. Return of Spring 
  13. To Violets 
  14. The Boy and The Angel by Robert Browning 
  15. An Easter Song by Susan Coolidge 
  16. Easter-Tide by Mary Lowe Dickinson
Children's Easter Poems:
  1. Anna's Easter Dream  by Louise Cooper
  2. Nurserytown
  3. Robber Baby
  4. The Wind  by Maud M. Johnson
  5. The March Hare and The Easter Rabbit
  6. An Easter Bunny Sale
  7. The Gardener
  8. Grandmother's Garden
  9. Garden Rivals
  10. Where Easter Eggs Grow

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