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I will file here the free articles that I have transcribed for the growth and the development of God's people: The Significance of The Donkey On Palm Sunday * The Crown of Thorns  * Who is The Bride of Christ?  * Jesus Was The Messiah. * The Two Greatest Festivals of The Christian World  * Immortality  * The Realities of Two Worlds  * Present, Past and Future * Christ Rose By His Own Power  * The Resurrection Illustrated  * What Should Easter Mean? * The Pre-evangelism of C. S. Lewis * God Has Made A Way *** 

These following articles are those that I have personally transcribed from "The Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge." This English volume was written in 1838. All excerpts here are in the public domain as well and visitors are welcome to include them on their own web pages.

JESUS CHRIST; the Son of God, the Messiah, and Savior of the world; the first and principal object of the prophecies; prefigured and promised in the Old Testament; expected and desired by the patriarchs; the hope of the Gentiles; the glory, salvation, and consolation of Christians. The name Jesus, or, as the Hebrews pronounce it, Jehoshua or Joshua, signifies, he shall save. No one ever bore this name with so much justice, nor so perfectly fulfilled the signification of it, as Jesus Christ, who saves even from sin and hell and hath merited heaven for us by the price of his blood. It is not necessary here to narrate the history of our Savior’s life, which can nowhere be read with advantage except in the writings of the four evangelists; but there are several general views which require to be noticed under this article: I.  Jesus was The Messiah
* II. The Evident Divinity of Jesus * III. The Humanity of Jesus * IV.  The Character of Jesus

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