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50 Eggsquiste Egg Cup Links!

examples of egg cups
      An egg cup, sometimes called egg server, is a container used for serving boiled eggs within their shell. Egg cups have an upwardly concave portion to hold the egg and often include a base to raise the egg retaining portion and give stability, informally known as footies. Egg cups can be made of Porcelain, pottery, wood, plastic, glass and various metals or bakelite. Some are made of two materials (wood and ceramic).
      The Egg cup is a collectible item. There is a newsletter available through email for egg cup collectors "Eggcup Collectors' Corner". There are also egg cup conventions for collectors in England. Collecting egg cups is called Pocillovy, deriving from the Latin pocillum for small cup and ovi for eggs.
      Egg cups have been used since prehistoric times, with some of the earliest occurrences on Minoan Crete. In particular, archaeological recovery at the Bronze Age palace of Cretan Knossos reveals the presence of egg cup use as early as the 18th century BC.
      Egg cups have many shapes and bear various designs. An early silver egg cup from 74 BC was even found in the ruins of Pompeii!

50 Egg Cup Links:
Egg Cups Made From Egg Cartons
  1. Pink and gold spring egg cups
  2. A lady bug and a white hen egg cup: made from recycled egg cartons
  3. Easter bunny and chick egg cups
Vintage & Collectable Egg Cups:
  1. Handpainted family of egg cups 
  2. Collecting egg cups
  3. The latest collectable egg cups at TheFind
  4. Vintage egg cups up for bid at Ruby Lane  and video here
  5. egg cup pinboard by Rebecca Brown
  6. Egg Cups for the occasion
  7. The Collectors: Egg Cups
  8. Easter Presents: vintage egg cups
  9. Egg cups and more
  10. egg cups
  11. An egg cup a day (Spanish)
  12. 8 Charming Egg Cups
  13. vintage egg cups and cozys pinboard by Merrellene Brimhall
  14. pocillovy pinboard by Julie Nielsen
Egg Cups Fashioned From Paper:
  1. Paper Easter grass with yellow flowers
  2. Origami tutorial - flower egg cup
  3. faceted paper egg cups DIY
  4. Adorable Easter Egg Stands!
  5. chick, egg and bunny egg sleeves (Spanish)
  6. traditional chick and bunny cups
  7. Crepe Easter Egg Cups
  8. paper cup egg baskets
  9. paper mother hen egg holder
  10. printable bunny cup by Shirley Ng-Benitez
  11. printable bunny egg cups from Activity Village
  12. Vintage Easter Egg Cups
Egg Cups Made With Clay:
  1.  Clay egg cups shaped as animals
  2. 4th Grade Egg Cup Craft
  3. Sculpey bunny egg cups
  4. egg cup made with Liquid Sculpey
  5. salt clay egg cup
Wooden Egg Cups:
  1. Wood turning - an egg cup 
  2. Another example of wood turning an egg cup
  3. A Victorian sample of a elaborately carved coquilla nut egg cup
Edible Egg Cups and Eggs Served in Cups:
  1. An egg tucked inside a tomato 
  2. A Paleo Breakfast: Baked Eggs in Ham Cups  
  3. Bacon Egg Cups Recipe
  4. Bacon and Egg Cups
  5. Baked Eggs in Avocado Cups Recipe
  6. chocolate egg cup tutorial
  7. How to use an egg cup
  8. How to make boiled egg and soldiers 
 Crafts Made From Egg Cups:
  1. Vintage Egg Cup Pincushion 
  2. Egg Cups: the pretty dozen  
  3. Easter Chick Egg Carton Cup Craft 
  4. DIY: Mini Party Cup Chick and Bunny Craft 
  5. Egg Carton Bumble Bee Craft 
  6. Egg Cup Ships 

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